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      Celebrity Facesets, Pretrained Models (SAEHD), and Model Settings (SAEHD) submission forms now create a draft post of the given type.
      Post authorship is immediately attributed to user that submitted the form. All registered users can access and submit the forms.
      Moderation and Validation of post content should be quicker now that posts are automatically created.

      Forms now display a colorful border depending on validation. Blue is neutral. Green indicates Success. Yellow indicates form validation errors and empty fields. Red indicates a failed submission.

      Allow author to see draft submissions.
      Show published submissions on author’s profile.
      Allow comments on user submitted content.

      Model Settings (SAEHD) post type is in beta. Original version of the table will continue to be shown on the front end, including new submissions.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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