There are pretrained Models available. Why should I use them?

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    Are the pretrained Models helpful. Until now I dont use them.


    When a model is first started it is a blank slate; it has no idea what the data will be. The pretrained models have already learned a variety of face shapes, alignments, masks, color information, etc. When you use a pretrained model you are essentially shortcutting the process by starting with a template for lack of a better term. Someone else has done part of the work for you. Choose a pretrained model with settings that will work well on your system and use that for the base of your deepfakes.

    Another advantage of using a pretrained model is that you can choose a model with very high settings and still get a result in a reasonable amount of time. For instance, if the pretrained model will only run at batch size 4 on your system, normally it would take weeks or even months for you to train the model. However by using the pretrained model you can again shortcut the process, still running at a low batch size, but having the pretraining done by someone with a much more powerful system and higher batch size.


    Thank you for your Answer. I found an how to use Video on the Internet for the Pretraining models. The explanation helped me to use it. I think you are right it works faster.
    If possible i would like to have another question. I used the pretraining models of your Webside. 128 f with AdaB. The results were good after 70.000 or 100.000 Iteration. I was happy. Now I have upgraded my PC with a RTX 3050. I tried 192 f without AdaB in the pretrained model and AdaB True in my project. I’m not shure, lasts it much longer to train in the higher resolution? The result after 100.000 Iterations was not good. Very unsharp. I now try again the same Projekt with 128 again.


    Where did you get a pretrainded model? how to make it a pretrained model?

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