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      tl;dr – this wasn’t meant to be long. Just meant to say thanks for the forums but I have a hard time with short messages.

      This is great, thank you. I lurk in the MVE/CSF Discord channels just trying to absorb and learn as much as possible and some of you have me as a Patron, and it’s nice to have an alternative to the ‘Forums that Shall Not Be Named’ where I found the first tutorials a few months back.

      I go by Ruinedlands on Discord and I’m currently working with an impressionist who hired me earlier this year to do video messages for him (which sent me on a Google search “how to make deepfakes” that led to the Dark Forums and eventually to Discord and the everlasting fountain of knowledge you have all created). Before learning anything about deepfakes I was a freelance video editor / post processor (mostly self-taught) and I find this to be much more interesting work. I can’t say that my dream is to be doing quick-turnaround deepfake messages but I’m trying to find the time to make some actual creative work. A job is a job for now so I’ll keep pushing out the “Happy Birthday from Fake Trump” DF-UD head models every 3 days… You may judge me, I deserve it.

      I didn’t want to post an introduction like this in Discord since it will just be a wall of text blocking the incredible discussion that is always brewing there. To any of the wizards from Discord: thank you for being such a wonderful community. I hope I can find ways to contribute so don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything I can do to help with my mediocre Premiere Pro and After Effects skills. I can’t help with coding or ML stuff, but I did manage to use Git to clone my first repo not too long ago and I almost understand what a batch file is now… Feels like Kindergarten all over again.

      My postprocessing experience is all self-taught (if YouTube counts as “self” anymore), but I am an experienced teacher/trainer. I am an RN and currently train nurses, paramedics, and EMTs so let me know if I can be of any help putting “how to” documents or videos together. I’d be happy to edit or proofread tutorials or provide them myself for the for the sliver of technical knowledge I do have.

      Hope the forum is a huge success!

      -Ruinedlands / FalsePositive
      (38 year old Dad trying to keep up and learn all the things before my kiddo does)

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