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      How to register an account on

      Navigate to the Menu and under the Login dropdown click Register.

      Choose a Username:
      This field is required and cannot be changed. This will be your account name and default username for all site activity.

      Enter your Email Address:
      This field is required and must be a valid email address where you can receive activation instructions.
      Your email address will not be show publicly!

      Choose a Password:
      This field is required and a recommended password will be generated automatically. Make a record of your password!

      Click the ‘Complete Sign Up’ button to proceed.

      Check your email for the Activation Email. The email will come from with a subject line such as “[] Activate your account”. You can add this sender to your whitelist.

      Click or copy the link in the Activation Email and enter the Activation Key in the submission box. If you use the link provided then the key will automatically populate. You can find the plain text key in the body of the email.

      Once your account is successfully activated you can login by clicking Login on the main menu and entering your Username or Email Address and Password.

      Afterward you will receive a Welcome Email with further instructions.

      Please visit your profile to add an avatar and cover image, display a public email address, and update your hardware configuration!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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