My GPU isn’t being recognized by DFL (nvidia RTX A2000) – any diagnostics?

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      my problem is getting worse – I started off where the card was recognized, but didn’t work – couldn’t extract anything (it tried, but everything was crap). Now (after trying to troubleshoot) I don’t even have the option to select GPU, it just automatically goes to CPU – which works but so sloooooooooooow.

      As part of troubleshooting I was playing with tensorflow, path, CUDA, etc. so who knows what I’ve f’d up. Seems like it’s supposed to work without installing anything.

      GPU works fine other than DFL. Running Windows 10.

      Any suggestions to help reset and get the GPU actually working would be appreciated. Cheers.

      edit to add: using the DeepFaceLab_NVIDIA_up_to_RTX2080Ti code, but also tried the 3000 one just in case – no joy.


        Update – uninstalled all my various CUDA and reinstalled v9.2 and tensorflow 2.10 (found I needed Python 3.6.8 to install earlier versions).

        Now I’m back to where I started – DFL sees my card and lets me try use it, but extraction doesn’t work – it thinks its working but the results are unusable – mostly blank images with the occasional upside down / diagonal image – lots of stuff in the aligned_debug folder. I tried manual extraction and couldn’t get any of the alignment boxes to work – but maybe I just don’t understand the controls (haven’t found any actual documentation about those).

        I have been successful on my other computer (doesn’t have CUDA or tensorflow) and has a very underpowered GPU so wasn’t any faster than just using CPU on my main computer.

        It’s my understanding that we shouldn’t need to install anything else (e.g. CUDA) for DFL to work… but if someone else could confirm this, or suggest what I should be installing.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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