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      Immediate Opening: Research Assistant/Engineer in Fake Video Synthesis

      We are hiring a Research Engineer for a project in Deep and Cheap Fakes. This project seeks to understand how modern deep fakes affect the attitudes, knowledge and perception of human viewers, both positively and negatively. It is a multi-disciplinary project at the Centre for Trusted Internet and Community, National University of Singapore, and it involves researchers from the fields of communications, new media, and computer science.

      We seek a Research Engineer to create believable deep fakes of a person speaking (ie. facial animation and speech synthesis) using existing face re-enactment and voice cloning algorithms. The Engineer should possess most of these skills:

      * Experience with GANs and auto-encoders
      * Experience in deep learning tools such as Keras, Tensorflow or PyTorch
      * Knowledge of signal processing

      This position is for 18 months and is now open to anyone from any nationality. A Bachelor or Master degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science is required.

      Please send your CV to Prof Maite Soto-Sanfiel,

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