Machine Video Editor Mini Tutorial

How to use Machine Video Editor for Deepfakes

Beginner MachineVideoEditor Tutorial

Additional Notes:

– unlisted shortcuts: delete selected images can with done with a DEL key and you can close the seg/align editor with ESC
– align/seg editor has full shortcut support listed in the tooltips and from the latest version they can be reassigned
– above images there are 2 buttons 1 is add to selection from start or last selected to current, other is unselect all
– right click folders in project tree will give you options to create folder, open folder in windows explorer and more folder options
– top 2. from right toggle icon will make seg/align editor open on left face click

Table of Contents

Step 1 – Downloading and Extracting MVE from the Discord
Step 2 – Launching MVE, Downloading Dependencies, and setting DeepFaceLab folder
Step 3 – Setting Project Folder
Step 4 – Extracting Frames From Video in Project Folder
Step 5 – Extracting Faces From Frames
Step 6 – Loading Embedded Alignment Data
Step 7 – Creating and Editing Automatic XSEG Masks
Step 8 – Using XYZ Graph to Delete Incorrect and Misaligned Faces
Step 9 – Creating and Editing XSEG Masks (Sped Up)
Step 10 – Setting Model Folder (And Inserting Pretrained XSEG Model)
Step 11 – Embedding XSEG Masks into Faces
Step 12 – Setting Model Folder in MVE
Step 13 – Training XSEG from MVE
Step 14 – Applying Trained XSEG Masks
Step 15 – Importing Trained XSEG Masks to View in MVE
Step 16 – Loading XSEG Masks
Step 17 – Viewing and Editing Trained Masks in Segmentation Editor